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DLB Graphic Design Logo


The DLB Graphic Design logo and website were designed and created by me. The web site was created from scratch using HTML and CSS. It has a fixed layout. The core JavaScript coding for the tabbed panels was generated by Dreamweaver to which I added the content using HTML and the styling using CSS.

The goal of this web site is to demonstrate not only my graphic design portfolio but also my expanding knowledge and abilities in web design and development.

ChalkBox Team Logo


All of the versions of the ChalkBox logo were designed by me. I have also designed advertisements, shirt designs and posters for ChalkBox and also the associated Elizabeth High School gymnastics team. I created and maintain the current web site using Wordpress.


I worked as a web developer for Pearson for 8 years. My responsibilities included front and backend web development, quality assurance, content management as well as ADA accessibility of online courses in various learning management systems. The position required strong organizational skills, an ability to multi-task on several projects simultaneously, attention to detail, and an ability to problem solve through course content puzzles. This position was remote, working independently at home and interacting through Microsoft Teams, Wrike, Share-Point, OwnCloud, email, messaging and video chat.