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Logo Design

Graphic Design by Deborah Breikss

  • Aspen Deli
  • Comforts of Home
  • Collie Club of CO
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Golo
Aspen Deli Logo with 1 tree

Aspen Delikatessen

A logo for a private home catering service in Parker, Colorado

Aspen Deli Logo with 2 trees

Comforts of Home Logo

Comforts of Home Pet Sitting

An in-home pet sitting company offering care services for all types of pets

Collie Club of Colorado Trophy Mug

Collie Club of Colorado

A club that rallies around breeding, showing and protecting smooth and rough coated collies

Rabbit Hole Logo

The Rabbit Hole Rabbitry

A rabbitry that breeds quality holland lop and netherland dwarf show rabbits

Golo International Logo Version 1

Golo International

A logo for an internet company that sells a variety of retail items

Golo International Logo Version 2